From the Hotel's Grand Beginnings to Today

he legendary Gramercy Park Hotel has always been, and still is, the place to be for actors, artists, writers, intellectuals and fashion designers. With a prime location adjacent to the Manhattan's only Private Park, Gramercy Park, this landmark NY Hotel has been a home to creative minds from around the world for nearly a century.

The origins of the 18-story Renaissance Revival Hotel can be traced to one of 66 swampy lots parceled out in the 1830s to draw potential residents "uptown." (Gramercy Park gets its name from the Dutch krom moerasje, which Eventually morphed into "Gramercy" and means "crooked little swamp"). But what was formerly a marshy expanse of land gave way to rows of charming townhouses, the neighborhood's namesake park, major arteries like Lexington Avenue, and of course, the Gramercy Park Hotel.

The stately New York Hotel, designed by Robert T. Lyons and constructed by famous developer brothers Bing and Bing, was built on the site where Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Edith Wharton was born and where flamboyant architect Stanford White had lived. It opened its doors in 1925, and a year later, Humphrey Bogart was married on the Hotel's rooftop terrace. Not long after that,

a young John F. Kennedy lived in the New York Hotel for several months and Babe Ruth became a regular at the New York Bar.

Later, big-name musicians began passing through the lobby or staying for months at a time, giving the New York Hotel its rock and roll edge. In the sixties, the Rolling Stones resided there after their first American tour, and Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Clash and Bob Marley were all known to spend time in the NYC Hotel. In the seventies, Blondie's Debbie Harry and Christ Stein lived in room 501. And in the eighties, then up-and-comers U2 were long-term Guests.

For 8 decades, the New York Hotel remained much the same until art collector and real estate developer Aby Rosen took it over. In 2006, he enlisted artist and Oscar-nominated film director Julian Schnabel and British architect John Pawson to renovate the space in a way that would maintain the NY Hotel's unique history while giving it bold, modern flourishes. The renovation was extensive - the entire second floor of the lobby was ripped out to make way for 20-foot ceilings, and Schnabel designed or curated many of the furnishings, paintings and sculptures that fill the space today.


Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan opens its doors.

The westward extension of the hotel, which runs along Gramercy Park North, was constructed from 1929 to 1930 by the architectural firm of Thompson and Churchill.



Joseph Kennedy and his family (including an eleven-year-old JFK) lived in the hotel for several months, prior to the family’s move to London.



The Landmarks Preservation Commission protects Gramercy Park community by designating the Park as a historic district.


Gramercy Park Hotel undergoes a major renovation that would transform it into the grand, unique, yet intimate and personal destination it is today.

At this time, the hotel’s original 506 rooms were transformed into 185 luxury guest rooms and suites.



Developers Bing and Bing purchase the residence of flamboyant architect Stanford White, birthplace of Edith Wharton, to build a hotel.



Humphrey Bogart marries his first wife Helen Menken at the hotel.



The Rolling Stones settled in at the hotel for a stay after their first American tour.


Madonna hangs out on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park hotel.

The hotel’s enduring popularity with a who’s who of rock and roll include guests and residents David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop and U2 during this era.


It’s not uncommon to catch a glimpse of a notable name in Hollywood as Gramercy Park Hotel continues to be a gathering place for musicians and celebrities—be they guests, revelers or performers. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West, White Stripes, Scarlett Johansson, Keith Richards and Daniel Craig are all counted as fans.


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